Why Lingo Jingo

Between boring text books and scarily expensive software such as Rosetta Stone, the choice for the language learner have not been great. We started the Lingo-Jingo project as we felt that nothing out in the market was really serving the need of someone who wants to pick up the basics of a language and then build the foundation to becoming proficient.

We have field tested phrase books in foreign countries and found that they are far from perfect and in some cases simply useless. Applying this research to our "surviving the first 24hr" courses we have been able to create what we think is the best fast track language learning program.

To give you an example of where phrase books get it wrong is with directions. If you just arrived in a new country knowing very little of the local lingo, asking for the directions to the library is likely to result in complete confusion as you try to decipher what was said. Instead we work on real practical steps that will be useful, such as "Is the library this way, as you point in a direction" this way you will understand the response as being either yes or no. Its these little points that are missed by many language learning products.

Likewise, software that is available to purchase, will often teach you about a boy sitting under a table, or in front of an aeroplane and they only get to the important stuff long after you have put the lessons on the shelf.

So watch this space, and let see if we can really make "The World a smaller place through language."

Douglas Chrystall