Lingo Jingo on Microsoft Azure

We've made a major architectural decision to rebuild Lingo Jingo on Microsoft Azure. Since building our first prototype over a year ago we've been experiencing some issues with the nasty 3 S's -  stability, scalability and security. Our application was built in php, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax and we were using Amazon for hosting. We made that decision largely on the availability of talent around that stack. However, after talking with the director of product management for Microsoft Azure we have decided that re-writing the app from the ground up in .Net and being able to take advantage of the Azure platform will provide us with the best approach to stability, scalability and security.

This week Microsoft also announced the availability their development kit for iOS and these types of moves make it an even more appealing solution for us, as we'll be able to build out our iPhone, iPad (and fingers crossed they do the same for Android soon) apps as well.

Our developers will be learning a new language and paradigm, but we're firm believers in the future of Azure and we're confident that we've made a decision that will provide the best experience for our users.