User Experience

The Lingo Jingo team of Brett, Lee, Douglas and me have been spending a lot of time recently really talking about user experience. It's an interesting challenge to make an application that is intuitive, not just across different age ranges and experience of technology, but also something that can be understood and used without heavy use of text prompts. The Lingo Jingo application will be used by people all over the world, and we will localize the application so let's say you're a native Spanish speaker learning Chinese, that your prompts will be in Spanish. However, we don't want to clutter up the experience so we've been noodling on how best to communicate concepts visually.

Increasingly user experience is becoming all important - after all you only get one chance to make a first impression. If you have toured our current prototype you'll notice that while the approach to learning is sound, we didn't do the best job making it truly intuitive. Take my Mum for instance - she fired up Lingo Jingo and just stared at it for a few minutes. Then she asked me 'how do I start, what do I do?' I spent a few minutes familiarizing her with it and away she went, but that experience and others with alpha testers soon made it apparent that we needed to rethink our approach.

As we develop our second prototype and bring it out around July of this year, we'll be looking for feedback on whether we've learned our lesson this time!