Cognitive Immersion - what on earth is that?????

I have twin daughters and they are five years old. They started kindergarten a few weeks ago, and last week we went to The Aquarium of the Bay for a field trip. My wife, Tiffany, and I acted as chaperones; me for one class and she, for the other class. During the trip another parent, Alexandra, took photos of the fish, plants, and other things that the children saw and interacted with. We then built a lesson in Lingo Jingo using the actual photos that she took, and one of the parents' voices (although next time we'll use the teacher's voice). This is the central tenet of cognitive immersion, the ability to use real-life examples that learners are familiar with, to reinforce learning.

As we build out our content management system any user will be able to take photos from their phone, upload to Lingo Jingo, then use the voice recorder to pair with sound files and upload those to Lingo Jingo. Then very rapidly they can build a lesson using what they've just uploaded.



This becomes a very useful aid for teachers, and puts the technology in their hands, to reinforce the concepts they are teaching, and then be able to monitor their students' progress and retention of the information.

I'll blog about how well the lesson went over with the kids.