Public immersion education and lack of extra-curricular resources

The option to place your child in an immersion program through their public schools provides an educational opportunity that is rare indeed. My own 5-year old kindergartner is in K - 12 Spanish immersion program in our school system. In my opinion, this is the rare chance for a child to learn a foreign language that can benefit them in ways unimaginable when I was a child (what seems like an eternity ago). By creating a learning atmosphere that focuses on delivering the standard kindergarten curriculum in Spanish, these children are given a chance to learn in ways that can broaden their horizons later in life. The availability of resources in the classroom are many, but when they are not in school on holiday break and especially during the long summer recess, there is a surprising lack of resources available to continue reinforcement of the experience their teachers try to deliver. This is a great example of where Lingo Jingo can fill the resource gap. With Lingo Jingo, not only is there an entire library of age appropriate lessons for these young learners; but, teachers in any language program are given the tools to easily create lessons to help the kids continue their language practice. All in a way that keeps them engaged and performs the reinforcement they are missing while not in the classroom. These teachers can also track the progress of their students to see not only where the children may need more in class instruction, but also to offer their next year teachers further insight into where the children are from an achievement standpoint when out of the classroom. Lingo Jingo is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who wants to learn a language has the most intuitive, effective and rewarding platform to do so. If there is anything that I would like for my child to gain from her experience in her immersion program, it's that it's a richly rewarding one - and Lingo Jingo is helping her realize this reward. If you would like to try a free lesson, try this one on counting in Spanish. Shoot, sit down with your child and see how they do as well - that way you can learn together.