The Multi-Lingual Future

The world has become a small place; not thanks to the space-aged hypersonic transportation devices we watched as kids on The Jetsons, Star Wars, and Star Trek; but thanks to the power of the internet. Now our thoughts, emotions, location, can be delivered to any remote corner of the globe in an instant. However, although companies like Google have made strides to make translation instant and easier, language remains the most significant barrier to a truly interconnected world. My children are 5 years old, and I often wonder about the future they'll be in when they start out on their careers. It's difficult to envisage English not still being the primary language of business, but other languages such as Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, German might not be that far behind. And it's very likely that people wanting to excel in any field will need to be multi-lingual.

Lingo Jingo has an important role to play in the multi-lingual future. Accessibility to language learning from any device, anywhere, at a low cost will enable more and more people to either casually learn a few words, or dive in deeper and learn to an advanced level.