Augmenting to your child's language learning with the power of song

That's right - the power of song. I know, it sounds funny when you first say it, but something that seems to work great for my five year-old as she continues her kindergarten education in a spanish immersion program is including songs with her 'homework'. One of the fundamental lessons to her formal kindergarten curriculum is learning her syllables and how they work with the various letters of the mexican/spanish alphabet. On Lingo-Jingo, we have a variety of lessons for learning, understanding and practicing the common syllables in the mexican-spanish dialect that my kindergartener has loved practicing (if you want to try one out, please give it a go here and have fun). Now, the great thing about children's songs is that they very frequently repeat syllables and sounds throughout the lyrics - especially the chorus lines. As you'll find in the lessons on Lingo-Jingo, understanding the way certain sounds are made and heard are key for rapidly understanding a language when someone is speaking (including yourself!). Children's songs with their sound repetition are a great tool to help reinforce both the comprehension of and delivery of the sounds within a language. Just a helpful tip that my kid has found really helpful with her language learning using Lingo-Jingo and children's song libraries like  the one found on, which offers quite a few foreign language children's songs.