27th annual Foreign Language Bowl - Students compete to see who has best skills!

No matter what skill it is, competition is a fun and great way to see how you stack up against others in the same area of interest. Last week that's exactly what students from 17 high schools across Indiana did forming 30 different teams did at the 27th annual Foreign Language Academic Bowl held at Souther Illinois University (http://goo.gl/IcXHF). The competition consisted of teams taking a 20 question test consisting of cultural questions about a particular language, ability to fix grammar mistakes, and translate English sentences - what a great evaluation of skill! There was also a song competition where students were judged on songs originality, pronunciation and cultural content.

The languages most represented were Spanish, German, Latin and French and the students not only had a great time but also seem to really appreciate the idea of learning a second language - as by Sylvia Rode, a classical language professor and emcee of the event said, "It's so important now to learn languages," she said. "We live in a global environment and language learning makes you sensitive to other cultures that you are facing at home and makes you learn about those cultures abroad."

Couldn't agree more!

If you're interested in learning Spanish, German or French, follow the links to lessons on Lingo Jingo and take a first step on your own cultural journey. Also, because Lingo Jingo scores your progress throughout your lessons you can have your own competition with friends and family!