Growth in Spanish Immersion Programs in Maryland Public Schools

Prince George's county in Maryland has a really interesting (and IMO forward thinking) approach to introducing and facilitating world language acquisition for their incoming kindergarteners - immersion. Currently the county is offering Spanish immersion in three of their elementary schools. Why? The district and the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages believes that 1. young kids are perfectly capable of learning and acquiring (two different things to be sure) second languages, 2. it gives them an opportunity to gain a better cultural understanding through foreign language; and, 3. it also gives kids an opportunity to gain a skill that will serve them well in a competitive global economy. That's an example of giving kids tools to succeed! 

Lingo Jingo firmly stands behind - and encourages - all three of these beliefs and we're excited for the kids in the Prince George school system. We applaud the work done for these kids and hope this philosophy spreads to other schools across the country. 

To learn more about this endeavor, you can read the article titled "Maryland county adds Spanish immersion programs at three elementary schools