Learn how to get your free trial of Lingo Jingo's ELL and world language teaching platform

Thanks to our successful participation in the Small Business Innovation Research grant program funded by the Department of Education, Lingo Jingo is able to offer free trials of our teaching platform for up to 12 months. 

Lingo Jingo is dedicated to empowering language educators to provide quality resources to their students who are learning a new language - and our platform supports this.

We are really excited about the growth of content on our teaching platform that is aimed at both English Language Learners and world language learners. With the commitment and dedication of an army of language educators and schools within the US, we are now able to provide hundreds of activities for students who are participating in ESL or ELL programs as well as those in Spanish, Mandarin, French and many other languages - even Latin! 

Right now Lingo Jingo is being used nationwide by teachers from K through 12 for vocabulary and grammar rule acquisition. As mentioned, we have a focus on English, Mandarin & Spanish, but we do support many other languages.
Here are just a handful of the areas that make Lingo-Jingo unique:

  • Hundreds of existing activities for educators to use in their classroom right now
  • An easy to use dashboard for creating, sharing and distributing activities with any number of students
  • Automated grading and easy reporting options for understanding student engagement
  • Teachers have the ability to add your own images as well as voice to lessons, so students get used to your way of delivering inflection and accents
  • We match activities to your curriculum and text books 

If you want to learn more about our free trial program, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] - and watch this brief introduction and overview of the platform.


Thank you! The Lingo Jingo team.