Lingo Jingo Wins Phase 2 SBIR Award from US Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

We are extremely excited and honored to announce that Lingo Jingo has won the “Phase 2” award of funding from the Institute of Education Sciences’ Small Business Innovation Research program (SBIR). If you’re not familiar with the SBIR program and how we have participated, please check out our previous blog posts which discuss our success with Phase 1, our journey to develop our Phase 2 proposal; and, our final demo and the challenges we were able to overcome in our Phase 2 submission.  

To recap, Phase 1 provided us with $150,000 to demonstrate the commercial viability of the Lingo Jingo language teaching platform. Lingo Jingo has been designed to provide tools for teachers in world language and English learning programs and support focused, effective student engagement with their language courses. Phase 1 also allowed us to bring Lingo Jingo to market in a big way and our platform has now been adopted in schools across the northeast and west coast of the United States.

The Phase 2 award of $900,000 will enable us to continue development of the platform, and equip teachers with effective tools for improving student learning - and grow our marketshare in the EdTech sector.

Here is some exciting feedback which we are very grateful for regarding our Phase 2 success - and a sentiment that drives the Lingo Jingo team:

Your project is at the top of the list as most critical to addressing a pressing need in our country! It’s an incredible opportunity to make that difference.
— Ed Metz, SBIR Program Manager

Some of the goals for Phase 2 include:

  • Expand functionality - based on teacher feedback - of Lingo Jingo to include templates for listening, reading and video comprehension as well as additional capabilities for pronunciation and grammar.

  • Ramp up our content development by partnering with teachers across multiple core languages.

  • Focus on ELA instructor and learner needs, and build specific functionality to improve student understanding and engagement in STEM.

  • Accelerate the free-trial program to include 1,000 schools by May 2016.

  • Streamline the application for greater scalability, performance and responsiveness across all types of devices (computer, mobile phone, tablets, etc.).

None of this would be possible without the support of the educators and schools that have adopted Lingo Jingo and experienced better student outcomes thanks to the platform. These dedicated teachers really inspire us at Lingo Jingo to make our offering the greatest asset in their educational toolbox and ensure that students in the US are getting the best English learning and world language education available.