More reasons why learning a world language will make you awesome

We here at Lingo Jingo are constantly informing the world that learning a world language will not only make you smarter and better looking - but now we can show you an independently produced info graphic (all credit to that visually tells the story about how a second language can benefit you. Great language skills = higher academic performance and greater professional salary, on average.

The interesting and somewhat disheartening part of this graphic is the part that shows an overall - and not insignificant - decline in the teaching of world languages at the primary and secondary school levels over the years. With the proof that SAT scores and on the job pay are markedly higher for those that have a second language under their belt, it seems that world language education would have a greater focus across the board. THIS is why sites like Lingo Jingo are important. Not only do we provide a great teaching platform for educators to use in the classroom, but users outside the classroom can come to our site from anywhere in the world and use our course content to grow language skills.  

Go for it!!!

Second Language Acquisition, By The Numbers
by noahsmith.
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