Teachers in the UK lack language resources in the face of a growing multi lingual classroom

There was a stunning (and somewhat frightening) article in the Daily Mail recently that put a white hot spotlight on the struggle teachers in the UK are having with students who are English Language Learners - or in UK parlance 'English as Additional Language', EAL learners.

I say stunning because just from the headline of the article "Teachers relying on Google Translate to set work for foreign pupils", it's incredible that these educators must rely on the Google Translate to help make their work more effective for these students.  While Google Translate is an incredible resource for translating content - it really is - it's just not a good option for use in a classroom where learning the fundamentals of a new language are critical - let alone teaching fundamentals!

I say frightening because these educators and students are in a perilous situation. Teachers do not have the resources (clearly if they're using Google Translate) nor the bandwidth to effectively teach their students without a) spending ENTIRELY too much time focusing on creation of materials for their EAL students; which leads to b) not having the appropriate amount of time to spend on those students who are proficient in English and need attention in other areas. It's an incredible struggle for all involved. 

I'm not sure what the total solution looks like for these educators and their students and it's likely to need to be multi-faceted with support from the public and private sector (and just as important - support from parents). They are in a situation that is more challenging than what we currently have in the US - "currently". For sure, educators need teaching resources that will enable them to create and distribute content that will help these students to effectively overcome a lack of english speaking skills. Lingo Jingo absolutely can fill this need with our teacher-centric educational content development platform. These teachers are also able to see detailed reporting on where students are struggling and where they are engaged. All of this could be used immediately and for students learning english, regardless of their own native language. 

We are watching the progress of this situation closely as this is a use case for which Lingo Jingo was created to handle - and on a large scale. These teachers and students need help!