Want new eyes on the world? Learn a new language AND a new perspective!

A recent article published by NPR offers a very, very interesting notion about how language seems to shape one's view of the world. In fact - that's the title of the article, yay for editors and writers who can encapsulate so much into a title. 

It's actually pretty fascinating in that some languages (Russian being one example in the article) don't have directly translatable words that define specific objects, people and situations and instead use words that loosely define these said "things" (my own native English fails me here…). 

Anyway, it's an incredibly fun and challenging (and quite rewarding, actually) exercise to consider when pursuing your goals of learning a new world language: gain a new perspective on the world. As you begin to grow your understanding of a language that is foreign to you, you begin to learn new and very different ways of describing, talking and thinking about just about anything. 

The cool part about this experience is that it can happen no matter what language you want to learn. The article points to Australian aboriginal language - which Lingo Jingo does not have available…yet…but you CAN get a new perspective through what we do offer: Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Korean - and English! Which I may need to brush up on ;)