Watch and Learn How European Languages Evolved

Want win a bar bet (and if you're under 21 we mean "salad" bar)? Ask someone what language is the source of todays Indo-European languages? According to an amazing study done by a group of evolutionary biologists and linguists (primarily from the University of Auckland, New Zealand), that source would be Anatolia - or modern day Turkey. According to these researchers, the spread of language across an area of the world that spans England to India took place over a 9,000 year period primarily driven by the expansion of farming and agrarian economies. This is actually in contrast to and direct competition to another theory that the same spread of language occurred, but from the Baltic region and due to more forcible means such as empire building and warring and which took place in a much smaller period of time - abut 4,500 years. Fascinating, fascinating material that helps to demystify the development and evolution of languages that are - today - incredibly diverse and almost unimaginable that there is any relation between them. 

You can learn more about the evolution of words from 103 (!) modern and extinct languages that are affected by this spread, with pictures! 

Also, there is an excellent video that supports this study in, of course, a more visual way.

Click the image above to see how Indo-European languages evolved over time.

Great food for thought and insight into the spread of language across Europe and Asia. Enjoy!