What is 'Summer Slide', does it affect language learning, and how can it be avoided?

For most students in the United States we are in the thick of the summer break - good times! While it's a part of the year that not just students but also teachers look forward to, it does have a negative impact that affects both of these groups as well - the so called "Summer Slide". What is the Summer Slide? This is the term given to the inevitable regression in skills acquired during the school year while on such a long break. It's actually a pretty clear example of 'practice makes (near) perfect' - where if you stop your focus on an activity you're certainly not going to get any better at it. The reason why this is such a problem with kids in school is that the break can cause them to regress on average as much as two month's worth of grade level skills over the summer. Wow, right?  And since I have learned that you should absolutely double and triple check any 'statistic' you learn online, I was able to confirm that the summer break does have a negative impact on classroom learning - and it cuts across multiple disciplines: reading, math, language learning, etc.  

This is a big problem for educators due to the fact that they must spend a substantial amount of time at the beginning of each school year covering content and topics that greatly limit their goals for the school year over all. Having to spend the first part of the year re-teaching kids to that they can then be ready to learn new concepts stunts the effectiveness that a teacher can have for some kids. Not good. 

Summer programs are really gaining traction in an effort to help kids to keep their newly acquired skills sharp and ready to learn when a long break like this is over. Lingo Jingo currently works with schools on their summer language programs to stop the Summer Slide. Language skill loss is a massive problem when you don't practice or stay on top during a long break. And if you're an educator of kids who are English Language Learners or English as a Second Language students, you know this issue goes well beyond just language acquisition, but also spills over into other educational areas such as STEM subjects. 

Our customer schools have been able to realize the benefits of both having an active and dynamic program for their kids over the summer months including: stopping skill loss, keeping progress moving on new school year start, providing content that mirrors their teaching styles and approaches, instant grading and progress analysis. Oh yes, one more thing these teachers get back is TIME! They no longer have to re-teach concepts at such a large volume and they also save massive amounts of time in the creation and successful deployment of a summer learning program. 

Beating the Summer Slide can be done and Lingo Jingo is doing its part to help language students and language educators to do just that - stop skill loss and give these same people greater opportunity to succeed. This is part of our mission!