Learning a language - a lot like going to the gym

It's very interesting looking at the data from learners on Lingo Jingo. The data confirms what we've long suspected - learning a language is a lot like going to the gym; the intention is there, but it's hard to self-motivate to keep it going. 

At Lingo Jingo we are working on ways to encourage you to keep going on your language learning journey. Over time we'll be baking more incentives into the application and adding functionality to challenge friends, see how they are progress, and making language-learning more game-like. In the meantime I will be sending out emails to our subscribers to encourage them to come back and retake lessons or learn a few more words by taking some new lessons.

We are using the data we are collecting to help make it easier to learn a language. This is a huge step forward from the traditional approaches or audio books and programs like Rosetta Stone, which, once you're out of the store having parted with your money, you are really on your own. That's very similar to the stats on gym membership - out of 10 people with a membership only 2 go regularly.