Getting ELL Students Ready for STAAR

ELL students refer to those students who choose to learn the English language in addition to their native language. It can therefore be seen as acquiring a second-language. However, learning a new language isn’t all there is to it because at the same time, students need to have adequate proficiency in the language so that they can then move toward STAAR preparation. Until they have some level of proficiency in the language, going in for these tests will be pointless.  

Lingo Jingo - Helping Students Prepare for The STAAR

Everyone knows that STAAR preparation requires a lot of time and hard work; it certainly isn’t as easy as one might imagine. Luckily for you, Lingo Jingo can help you out. The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) is geared toward testing students from the third to the twelfth standard. These mandatory tests are taken seriously by educators and parents alike as they help ensure that the students are progressing as they should and are meeting the required expectations of that grade.  

For most ELL students going for a STAAR L test is crucial as it helps them judge their proficiency in the language. It is important for ELL students to do well here and get a certain amount of linguistic capability in this version of tests that are linguistically accommodated to the English language. This online testing program will certainly help you to recognise where you stand in learning the language. If students do not do well in the STAAR tests or the STAAR L tests, they may be considered unworthy of joining colleges.  

How Does Lingo Jingo Help?

Though STAAR L prep can be tough, with the help of Lingo Jingo you should be able to come out with flying colours. Lingo Jingo is proud to boast a variety of content as well as extensive courses that are designed to supplement what is being taught in the classroom. There are a lot of resources available on this online platform that students can avail of that will help them in their STAAR L prep work.  

Lingo Jingo has lessons that try and bring together a wide range of topics so that students are not just offered a closeted approach toward their studies but are exposed to various subjects. On this online platform, you will find topics and issues related to those discussed and taught in the classroom along with various other topics which help ELL students understand the mainstream syllabus and relate to the topics which are tested for the STAAR tests.  

So in this manner, by choosing Lingo Jingo as their guide, students will be able to supplement everything that is being taught in class with additional information and activities that help them practice and use what they have just learnt. Joining Lingo Jingo will help you meet your English language acquisition goals while at the same time giving you the necessary training and facilitating your STAAR L preparation.