Helping English Language Learners with Math education

If there is one thing that language educators - strike that - all educators are focusing on it's helping kids with the STEM subjects. With the move of focus, whether it be a Common Core initiative or simply the seismic shift in education goals for K-12, it's for kids to become better educated in the STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This move is of great importance regardless of students primary language, but it becomes a greater challenge for educators who are working with kids who are ELL's. There are many strategies for these educators to use to help English learners to improve their capability to understand and articulate what they are learning but I happened to find a great article that offers up a 'top 10' list for helping ELL's to succeed in Math. Titled "10 ways to help ELL's succeed in Math", Scholastic had a panel of experts provide their top tips for effective education of Math and math concepts to ELL students (you can read about who these experts are and their individual positions in education at the end of the article). They even use the following - IMO very clever -  term to introduce their tips for "ways to teach ELL's their ABC's and 123's". The bonus is that there are distinctions between tips for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced ELL's. 

Lingo Jingo offers lesson and course content that supports the objectives of educators who are responsible for working with ELL students to both comprehend and become more articulate with the many Math concepts they will need to master in order to be comfortable and succeed in "mainstream" classrooms. The content needs to be more than just instructional - it needs to be interactive and engaging using pictorial and video techniques to build vocabulary and reinforce understanding of key concepts. Some of these include courses and lessons that echo the tips in the above article and focus on the following topics:

We feel strongly about the goals of ELL educators across the board and want these kids to strengthen their English skills while also ensuring they're acquiring the STEM skills they will need to put themselves in the best position possible to ensure a better and more equitable education. We can all do this!