Learning English from soap operas - one Syrian refugee's story

With so much terrible information in the news about the Syrian refugee crisis that is overwhelming those fleeing Syria as well as the European countries who are trying to get a grip on this humanitarian catastrophe, it's hard to find something uplifting from it all. I accidentally came across the following story about a girl who fled Syria and was interviewed by reporters covering the plight of these refugees who asked her about her strong English speaking skills. Her answer? She learned from watching 'Days of our Lives'! This is one story from this mess that not only puts a much needed - and amazing - human face on what is happening half a world away. It has been covered in the following article: 


This story was also covered by John Oliver, who has his own 'Daily Show'-like show where he describes the situation of this girl (her name is Noujain Mustaffa) AND sends her a message from the people she loves so much from her favorite show. It's really cool, I invite you to check it out, there's a video of the John Oliver clip in the link.