We're Excited to be Attending the Ed Games Expo on Dec 9!

The Lingo Jingo team will be attending a conference in Washington, DC next week held by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and we could not be more excited. As winners of the Small Business Innovation Research grant program provided by IES and the Department of Education, we are required to attend and share our findings and planning. The theme of this years conference is "Collaborations to Bridge High-Quality Education Research and Practice", and reflects the importance of bringing together people with diverse interests and perspectives to design and execute high-quality, scientific research that leads to improved student outcomes. Our specific focus is going to be learning as much as possible about how to better the experience and outcomes of students who are English Language Learners (ELL's), and we couldn't be more excited. The specific objectives of this years conference are:

   Discuss IES and the U.S. Department of Education priorities and programs
   Address challenges and solutions in the field of education research and practice
   Spotlight new research findings and methodological approaches from IES-funded projects
   Offer professional development on a range of substantive and methodological topics
   Provide time for PIs to meet with their NCER (National Center for Education Research)  and NCSER (National Center for Special Education Research) program officers and other researchers working on similar problems or issues
   Foster connections between IES fellows and others who may be seeking new research or career opportunities, and individuals who want to build new partnerships or fill open positions

Another of our scheduled activities while at the conference is to attend the Ed Games Expo on December 9. The Expo is intended to showcase games for learning through SBIR - and while we're not a game, per se, we do "gamify" some of our Lessons by way of word searches, image matching and other fun and interactive content. We'll be sharing this all at the Expo and can't wait to see what other companies are doing in this area of Ed.

It's going to be a full three days and during the time we will be blogging from the event as best we can. This way we can share our experiences!